About Us

The Vanzetti Holstein is from always base in Candiolo, on the regional road 23 del Sestriere. It is between the Alps, the Stupinigi park and the flatness of Torino that the pass of the years coud see the growth of our stucture.

In the staff, based on Vanzetti family, it is possible found Carlo and the wife Mirella, the offsprings Paola, Marco, Davide and Serena and other 4 employees.

The end target of our site is share Carlo's work with all the people in the most easy and friendly way that is possible, showing you what Carlo build in the years and what the offsprings are doing with activitisin AGAFI and in the world of Holstein with prestige position.

We hope that you would like our website and that you could feel free to contact us for suggestion or for take an appointment with us.