The Vanzetti holstein was able in the years to impose herself like one of the most important company in her sector on the local, the national and the international level. At the base of the company work we found for sure the high quality of our genetic, this gave to the copmpany just from the start  a lot of nice hit.

Today the prefix Vanzetti is connected to bull on top of PTF as for example Raul or Flagello and at a lot of show cow at national level as for example Bachelor Pelle, category reserve and best mammel in the national show of the 1997 success hitted after the 1st place in the regional event of the same year.

From the agricultural point of view the Vanzetti got today more than 100 ha cultivated with forage, wheat and triticale for the support of the farm and the production of biomass

the VanzettiHolstein was one of the Founder of the Coop. Speranza and benefits with the store for veal calves and Biogas plant that is connected directly to the company.