Here you can found a presentation of our cow's family. The genetic for sure our spearhead, and the dimostration of that come from the position of the Vanzettiholstein on the top of the PFT and from the production of KG of protein that is in the top of the provincial elites.

In our holstein you can found the following blood line:

1- Vanzetti Cleitus Pagella, is for sure the family with the biggest impact on our holstein. This family come from some imported Danish cows that were just pregnant of some of the best exemplars of that period, like for example Apollo. The ancester was the show exemplar Cleitus Pagella EX90 (Regional reservation in Saluzzo),GOLD MEDAL and really nice for reproduction. Today almost the 50% of our herd.

2- Bryhill Rudolph Lulu, was recently added to our blood line for give us a bigger genetical pool. The introduction was drived by buying 4 embrion from the program Semen Italy. We can recognize in the 4 cow of this family animal with Canadian style, able to go in a show and at same time to give an high productivity.

3- MAUGLIN ELEANOR EX96, is one of the first family that we keep in our Holstein. Our blood line come from the Pirocco Holiday Elegantily. This family, in our structure, is possible to be recognize for the impressive body structure and the highest productivity.